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Most workers are covered against on-the-job injuries by Workers Compensation. Each state has its own set of regulations, and certain workers, including Federal and those in certain occupations have additional protection at that level. Obtaining benefits under this system can be a difficult process, requiring help from an attorney who has comprehensive knowledge of this area of legal concern.

Workers Compensation Issues

In Arizona, persons who have questions or need help obtaining their Workers Compensation benefits get the help they need at the Law Offices of Janell Youtsey, PLLC, in Phoenix. AZ. Attorney Janell Youtsey has successfully handled hundreds of Workers Compensation cases, and she has an outstanding reputation for her knowledge of this area of law practice. To win a case like this, you must provide certain evidence for approval. If your claim is denied, Attorney Youtsey will file an appeal to obtain those important benefits.

Issues of Concern to Win Benefits

There are a variety of matters to take care of when you have been injured and want to win your claim for Workers Compensation. These include the following issues of concern:

  • Eligibility – The most important thing is to report your injury to your employer as soon as possible, and keep a record of your report.
  • Employer Factors – This type of insurance coverage reduces lawsuits against employers. If the employer does not carry it, they may be sued by the injured employee.
  • Liability – Provide proof that the injury is related to your work activities performed on behalf of your employer. This system actually is a no-fault system, and it offers protection from litigation to co-workers and employers.
  • Claims – Claims must be made properly and within time limits. Missing a deadline could result in denial. If claims are against a third party, such as an equipment manufacturer, any award may be shared with employer for any amount that employer paid as Workers Compensation benefits.
  • Medical Concerns – In some cases, awards may be made even though the injury aggravated a pre-existing condition.
  • Employment Concerns – Benefits help you get by in life until you can return to work. If you are permanently disabled, there may be other options to consider, such as social security disability benefits.

Workers Compensation benefits offer you an important financial bridge to fill in the gaps when you are unable to work due to your qualifying injuries. Do not hesitate to call Attorney Janelle Youtsey to discuss your situation in confidence; you deserve the peace of mind and relief that these benefits provide.

To learn more about Arizona Workers Compensation claims or appeals, contact the Law Offices of Janell Youtsey, in Phoenix, AZ. Call Attorney Youtsey now, at 928-476-4925.