Practice Areas


The firm’s lawyers have a comprehensive understanding of the laws impacting these claims, and are highly detail oriented when working with clients. By gathering all of the information needed to present the strongest possible claim, The Law Offices of Janell Youtsey can increase your odds of a successful claim.


The attorneys understand exactly how to navigate the system and can demystify areas of confusion so you can make the best, informed decisions on how to manage the issues and challenges that may arise in your case. Knowledge is power and we strive to help provide the information and support you need to maximize success and minimize unnecessary stress.

Workers’ Compensation

The Law Offices of Janell Youtsey have a proven track record winning and managing workers’ compensation claims and obtaining social security disability benefits for the firm’s clients. In many cases, it is vital to have an attorney on your side to ensure your rights are respected and your benefits received. Even if you have been denied, The Law Offices of Janell Youtsey helps you fight through the often complicated and confusing legal process.