Social Security Disability benefits and Social Security Income provide financial security to millions of workers who qualify, either through an injury or disability. Other family members also may be eligible for these programs, depending on their individual situation. To obtain benefits, many people in Arizona get legal advice and representation The Law Offices of Janell Youtsey.

Social Security & Disability

When you are disabled and cannot work for a period of time or permanently, the government offers several programs to provide financial benefits. In Arizona, the Office of Disability Determination Services handles claims and makes decisions based on your medical records, medical/psychological evidence and your statements. There is a continuing process of claim reviews also. It can take up to 476 days to even schedule a hearing before an administrative law judge.

Payments under these benefit programs are the largest expenditure our government makes, with millions of people receiving financial support. These programs are funded by workers through payroll taxes (Federal Insurance Contributions Act taxes). If you have worked for five of the past ten years, you will qualify to claim benefits under SSDI. There are other benefit programs not based on payroll taxes that help other people who do not have the required work history. At regular retirement age, your SSDI will convert to regular social security benefits.

Getting approval for Social Security & Disability benefits prior to retirement age is not always easy; many claims are denied, for a variety of reasons. In Arizona, it is estimated that about 60 percent of initial claims for disability are rejected. This is why many people seek legal advice and representation as their first step in this process. With experienced Attorney Janell Youtsey working on your behalf, your approvals are smoother and the time it takes for approvals is considerably reduced. Obtaining benefits usually can take from three to six months or more in most cases.