Workers’ Compensation

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You and Your Family are our Top Priority

The Law Offices of Janell Youtsey is a Phoenix law firm with a family first focus. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Janell Youtsey understand the importance of obtaining workers’ compensation benefits if you are injured on the job. After all, you and your family depend on that lost income. You need your workers’ compensation benefits as a safety net during recovery and beyond. If you need to file for benefits or are having difficulty getting the medical treatment and compensation you deserve, The Law Offices of Janell Youtsey can assist you.

Why You Need a Phoenix Workers Compensation Attorney

You are hurt on the job and need to file for workers compensation. You obtain the paperwork and read it over. Even though it seems confusing, you quickly complete the paperwork and send it in. You are hurt, stressed, and do not have time for this. All you want is the benefits to which you are entitled.

Unfortunately, if you do not take the time to prepare a thorough claim, you risk having your claim rejected due to lack of evidence. You can appeal the rejection, but for many the emotional setback is draining and stressful. Can you afford to go without benefits while you fight the denial in court? Can your family afford it?

When you hire a lawyer before you file for workers compensation, the attorney will talk with you about the incident, gathering facts to support your case. The attorney will seek expert witnesses who can corroborate your version of the events. Working together, the attorney will prepare strong paperwork that fills in all the gaps and makes your case clearly. As a result, your claim is much more likely to be accepted the first time. You receive the benefits you and your family need, you can begin recovery, and your quality of life is much better. When you think about it this way, how can you afford not to hire an attorney for assistance with a workers compensation claim?

The Law Offices of Janell Youtsey has represented over 300 Phoenix residents in obtaining workers compensation, during the last seven years. Let the firm assist you.

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